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It's lovely to have you here. Take a look at my pixel collection or link list. Or maybe you'd like to take a look at my study? Perhaps my digital garden? Or my actual garden??

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Listening: Indifferent by Rafa Rodriguez
Reading: Honey Butter Pig Bread by Francesca Ekwuyasi
Playing: Final Fantasy A2 Tactics: Grimoire of the Rift
Writing: poems about moss
Studying: myself
Feeling: like a dragonfly

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Added May 2 timelapse GIF and updated the garden log for today. Want to restart work on my space page....
Added May 1 and 2 entries to the garden log ♡( ◡‿◡ )
Garden page is live!
Finally doing spring cleaning! Dusting in the corners, sweeping up stray links, and ushering in new growth. Working on a page to showcase my garden!
Added an email link in case anyone would like to reach out :)
Reorganized the backend and working on updating library page. Garden is now linked in The Study.
Updated the Study directory to be a little nicer looking? Also added a travel page for Japan! And um... I'll update the Library later. Also have a short piece I'm writing but idk if it'll be nice enough to put on my Zonelet hehe...
Spent a while making a new top page for The Study; subpages to be added today or later! Peep it!
Happy holidays~ Added a few buttons, updated the "new" blinkie, and as a treat for those who actually read these updates, go check out this little side project of mine! Love you all and happy new year if I don't update before then <3
Remade my journal section with Zonelets! Maybe now I'll stretch my writing muscles a bit more.
Made a Pokémon shrine! It's not mobile friendly and is pretty simple, but I'm pretty happy with it :)
I'm a supporter now! This WebDAV thing kinda slaps — nice not having to upload via the cli every time I edit stuff. Been busy with life and learning, but hopefully I can share some of that with you all sometime soon. <3
DOUBLE UPDATE I just uploaded my digital garden check it out through the link in the sidebar!!
Updated color scheme jes a lil bit (thank u happy hues)
Animal Crossing Wild World shrine v0.1 is up! I realized ACWW was actually released exactly 15 years ago tomorrow (12/5/2005), so to honor that I present you all this shrine. There's still stuff I want to do with it, like adding functionality for the top row, a clock, and some of my favorite villagers. But for now, it's just a little homage to the inventory screen. And the placeholder is still there, if you poke around!
Added a placeholder for my Animal Crossing shrine, which is going pretty gooooooood ngl....
Added reading/watching/listening etc to my about section. Fixed header disappearing on mobile. Kinda want to add a reading list or something to go with my "Studying" status... Hmmmmmmmm.....
Added a ton of pixels and created a separate guestbook page. There's still so much I want to do! Adding reading/watching/listening to the sidebar tomorrow, maybe? I think I also want to add a section for cooking... The notebook I use for brainstorming is so messy now!
Overhauled site layout (and lost the css for v2. shucks!)
Uploaded Magical Starsign shrine <3< /dd>
Sitemap switcheroo
Site launch!