the ability to tinker is directly tied to the ability to discover openly. 'Roaming', 'surfing', 'exploring', and 'searching' are a means of both becoming more aware of the features & possibilities of the online landscape (past, present, & future), as well as finding better tools & guides with which to learn, experiment, & build. My feeling is that the more open and diverse that landscape is, the more likely it is to cultivate active participation (whether tinkering, coding, connecting, or just expanding web culture in various ways).



  • Tech Learning Collective: Foundations free foundational practice labs from the Tech Learning Collective, which is aimed overall at educating on tech usage in radical community work
  • Space, Exploration, and Astronomy (YouTube) lots of neat videos on space
  • You Don't Know JS Yet online textbook for learning JS, starting from square one
  • use

  • TiddlyWiki non-linear notebooks for planning, note-taking, dreaming...
  • Twine make text-based games/non-linear stories/whatever you want!
  • Great DJ! make and share collaborative playlists (there's a few sprinkled around here)
  • Happy Hues cute color palettes (interactive!)
  • peruse

    • NASA Image Galleries space pics!!!
    • Smithsonian Open Access open access image archive from the Smithsonian Museum!
    • Tabletop Whale really well-done science illustrations and infographics!
    • Pixel art dump got my background here! so many beautiful pixels~
    • myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
    • Living Worlds color cycling pixel art backgrounds made by Mark J. Ferrari for the "Seize the Day" personal organizer
    • "the largest human-edited directory of the Web" — an open directory edited entirely by volunteers
    • a search engine focused on Web 1.0 sites. lots of hidden gems

    Other sites