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Herbs and fruits and veggies, oh my!

I'm gardening this summer! I may not be much of a green thumb, but I've got the power of YouTube AND my local garden center on my side!

04 May

Agh, I forgot to set the camera out today AND yesterday! Yesterday I had to jet around 8:00 and was rushing to get ready in time -- after working on the water all day I was exhausted... I slept twelve hours! And I was so disoriented when I woke up that I forgot about the camera. Tomorrow for sure! I taped it into a glass food container that should be closer to waterproof, so we'll see if that makes positioning it any harder.

Good news though: I got a little shelf for the garden today! It's three-tiered with a hanging bar overhead. There are already a few things on there, but I hope to add maybe some hanging vines or flowers, more herbs or veggies maybe?

Left to right from top: mint (from seed), basil (overwintered seed), succulents (bought), peas (bought), shiso (from seed), dill (bought)

02 May

So today, I did something I've wanted to for a while: I rigged up a rudimentary timelapse camera for my morning glories! I've been wanting to tinker more lately, and I just ordered a Raspberry Pi Zero and camera for this project. They cost about $30 all together from eBay. (I know, I probably could've gotten it cheaper elsewhere...). I used this official tutorial as a base — minus LEDs of course — and used this post to figure out how to interface with my Zero without a monitor.

In media res

I programmed the Pi to take a photo in 1920 x 1280 every five minutes. Is that overkill? We'll see! After setting up the script to run on boot (I used crontab), I set about housing it. I don't have a 3D printer, and my local library isn't offering 3D printing right now, so I figured I'd reuse something because why not? Saves something from the bin and saves money for me!

I simply drilled a small hole into a clean plastic tub and taped the camera bit to the hole. (No, it's not waterproof, but we aren't expecting rain for a while! I have time to think. Maybe I can put clear tape over the hole??) It sort of looks like one of those hat robots from Meet the Robinsons!

Then I set it outside and plugged it in. I can't see the light from outside, so I'm not 100% certain it's working, but I assume it's powered and fine.

Keeping watch!

I'll post a GIF of day 0.5 tonight... if I remember. :P

EDIT: Here it is!!

01 May

Morning glories are growing steadily! I'm so sad I'll have to thin soon... maybe I can keep them all? I'm not sure exactly what criteria to use when thinning. Research time! Strawberries are also doing well. This red one will probably be ready tomorrow.

30 April

Mornin' glories day 3! They do grow fast...

In other news, worms have come to the garden! I ordered them online. Big L. They took forever. The darlings are all alive (whether or not they're well remains to be seen), and I've put them in the soil. They smelled horrible!! Must've been living in manure. Don't worry, I washed my hands VERY well afterward.

29 April

Glories taking root!

28 April

Strawberry is lookin RIPE oh man. OH MAN. I'm so excited to eat it. I'll split it with my mom maybe? The flowers just keep blooming, too. So beautiful! I took apart an old laptop some time ago and took out the hard drive disks. Turns out they make a light reflector/bird deflector! Teehee.

Morning glories have been soaked and sown. My mom says they grow pretty fast, so I'll try to take a photo every day to document that. Speaking of sowing, my main planters had some red and green basil last season that seem to have dropped seed. I am picking the itty bitty sprouts as they appear and repotting them in another pot. Yay, baby basil! Can't wait for some crazy pesto this summer.

Lavender looks like it'll bloom soon~ The hydrangeas we got from the garden center are in full bloom. They're my mom's favorite, so we had to bring one home.

24 April

Strawberries are growing well! The first to grow is turning pink at the very top. The catnip is growing well too; my cat tries to nibble it when he gets up on the railing! I set up a little succulent pot in the sunshine. Not sure how they're doing, but they're not wilting, so that's a good sign... right? The peas are also settling in nicely, wrapping around a cut ziptie end. That's from the trellises, which I didn't photograph. Set up a couple of those. Morning glories, here we come! Just need to remember to soak the seeds first...

I use Flickity for the pictures! :)