Magical Starsign is a 16-bit role-playing game developed by Brownie Brown and released in 2006 (2007 in Europe). Its prequel, Magical Vacation (GBA), was released in 2001 in Japan only.
This game has had a profound impact on me as a person, and I am delighted to devote this space to it. I ripped a lot of these resources myself, though I got some from other sources as well. I made this font from scratch with the help of many screenshots. Please enjoy my shrine!
Fire, Wood, Wind, Earth, Water, Light, and Dark. Seven elements form the basis of magic in the Magical Starsign universe, each weak to or strong against another. Certain magicians and creatures can use magic to attack, defend, or support others in battle. Magical Starsign follows six young magicians from Will-o'-Wisp Academy trying to track down their teacher, Miss Madeleine, after she vanishes on a mysterious mission in the far reaches of space.
The magic system of Magical Starsign, showing strengths and weaknesses.
The astrolog. When a planet is favorably aligned, that magic is more powerful.
^ autoplaying music ^

Miscellaneous Graphics

Here are some of my favorite sprites and other graphics from the game!
Tapping this icon brings up a menu. I just think it's so cute!
Master Chard, a recurring boss.
The magical ship Neumann.
The ship Lassi uses to leave the Academy.
The earth planet, Erd.
The wood planet, Gren.
The wind planet, Puffoon.
A timer that appears in the bottom corner of the map.
Background for night battles (Erd).
A background from Magical Vacation.
A sequence from Magical Vacation.
Another setting from Magical Vacation.
You can write a message on these backgrounds for friends to see during wireless play.